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  • Auguste Communities at Prestige Care

Auguste Communities at Prestige Care

Auguste communities are the new internal brand vanguards for dementia service provision within the Prestige Care Group. The Auguste Community sits within the grounds at the Parkville Care Centre

The communities can provide either nursing care or personal care, but each are governed by person centred principles and triangle of care inclusive practices; Each element of the service is audited using both the care fit for VIPs person centred care in dementia process (University of Worcester) and the adapted TOC self-audit tool (Carers Trust). This particular service offers 37 rooms, all for people living with a dementia or related condition and requiring nursing care

All Auguste Communities adhere to the Prestige Group 12 core dementia design principles, so this is a purpose-built facility specifically adapted to enhance quality of life and safety for people experiencing a dementia

As the Prestige group grows, and further matures, all Prestige Care Centres will feature an Auguste Community.

There will be dedicated service leads for the communities, in the case of Parkville Care Centre, this will be a qualified nurse.

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The Auguste Community features a Tovertafel room and a Snoozelen room and we also offer the Sentes bathing experience

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