The Prestige Group

Purpose built care homes, providing personalised care in a modern environment.

Why Prestige?

Prestige Care Group is a mid-size, growing Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered provider organisation, local to the North East. We are dedicated to the needs, safety, dignity, welfare and quality of life of the many residents, families and employees who enjoy our specifically designed facilities and person-centred care packages.

Our philosophy is that every individual is unique, even if they share similar circumstances, a similar illness or frailty, and we strive therefore to deliver individualised, person focused care and support that meets the residents’ unique requirements, preferences and wishes at every point of their journey with us.

By designing our own care environments, by offering bespoke tailored plans of care to you and bespoke learning to our employees, based around the disciplines and specialist care provisions we offer within our highly maintained and superbly equipped care centres, we know we will provide the evolving support specific to your needs and future requirements. When you choose a Prestige Care Centre you choose to be treat as an individual even when living among other like-minded persons with similar care requirements. Our Care Centres are local to you and are run and staffed by local folk. We provide more than care, we provide lifestyle and history.

Our History

The Prestige Group built its first care home in 1994 and has grown successfully across the North to now operate a number of large, well equipped, well maintained and highly responsive local care centres.

Prestige Care manages and operates both personal care (residential) and nursing facilities, including services specific for people living with a dementia and those at end of life and we have more developments in the pipeline.

Auguste Communities – Our future

This year sees the launch of our Auguste Communities and our Auguste Community rebranding. Our large Auguste Communities Care Centre, set in beautiful rural grounds Nr Middleton St George, Darlington, is a specialised environment designed exclusively for those living with a dementia or a related syndrome. Each of our Care centres will now also offer a specialised designated floor or unit specifically for people living with a dementia or related syndrome and these will be named Auguste Community. They will sit in each care centre and we currently have our first nursing Auguste Community at Parkville Care Centre in Middleborough. We are launching our first Auguste Community’s flagship in June 2019.

Auguste Deter was a German woman in her early 50s, a wife and Mother and was also the first person to ever receive the diagnosis dementia of the Alzheimers type. It was her life and death and subsequent contribution to our understanding of the pathology of dementia that inspires us to celebrate person before disease. This is our approach, PERSON BEFORE DISEASE long before dementia creeps in there was a person, the person remains, yes, changed somewhat by the progress of their dementia type, but still that loved one. So, we begin our care from the person and their history and life story, it is only then, we proceed to compensate for the effects of the diseases (there are many which make up the term dementia not just the Alzheimers type).

Similarly, if you look up the definition of community it reads ‘people living together with a shared purpose’ – so for us the Auguste communities, and her satellites the Auguste community at each care centre, sums up our philosophy brilliantly.

Look for Auguste community near you. You will be assured of dedicated, evidence based and compassionate dementia caring whenever you see our logo.